Mobile Device Management – Increase your Productivity, Visibility & Efficiency

Mobile Device Management – Increase your Productivity, Visibility & Efficiency

Managing your own devices is both time-consuming and it can be challenging given most environments include an array of devices such as printers, scanners, mobile phones, tablets and many more.

Recently, Zebra Technologies published a report highlighting the essentials of MDM (Mobile Device Management) Solutions and 300+ decision makers responsible of managing and tracking their mobile assets were surveyed. Overall, the results revealed a high level of satisfaction with MDM technologies, and most everyone today see vast improvements in their operations, including:


In this report, you will find key information and recommendations, including:

  • Be prepared to manage an increasingly fragmented array of mobile devices and assets.
    Your business is dependent on an ecosystem of devices, which translates into security management and tracking of their location, usage and data utilization. As a manager, you will need to identify issues of concern before they arise into something more serious.
  • Evaluate the range of asset and device management functions to enhance your performance.
    Reporting, analytics, and alerts are designed to proactively give users actions to fix device issues and to increase operational visibility.
  • Use third-party mobile device management partners to fill integration functionality gaps.
    Most companies lack the resources and solutions to deploy, integrate and manage their overall device and connected applications. MDM solutions experts are the right resources to assist you in achieving increased performance, productivity and efficiency.  Amongst the other services companies need assistance are device repairs, printer utilization and lost / stolen devices.

See below for the full report:

Unlocking Asset And Device Visibility Value From MDM Solutions

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