NRF 2017 Recap

2017 marks the 106th year of Retail’s Big Show.  This year’s event brought together 33,000 attendees, 510+ exhibitors and 300+ speakers. QSG, among tech enthusiasts and thought leaders alike, gathered to see the up-and-coming retail trends.

Whether it’s augmented reality, wearables or experiential retailing, everyone at the 2017 NRF show agreed that the pace of changes will only accelerate in 2017, and retail’s focus will be on customers and technology. This year’s big theme is Omni-Channel and technologies to support this strategy, including mobile and data analytics, IoT, RFID, and the seamless integration of a retailers’ back and front end.

Despite the rapid growth of digital retail, most retail sales do come from brick-and-mortar and in-person experience. Technology remains a key driver of supply chain performance, retail efficiency and in-store customer experience, and retailers understand the importance of Omni-Channel strategies centered on their customer’s basic human needs and senses, i.e. touch, sight or smell.

With Macy’s closing 100 stores, traditional retailers understand the emergency to adapt and evolve their strategies, or go extinct. While this has been an ongoing topic for many years and at this year’s NRF 2017, faster and smarter execution in today’s supply chains remains a key preoccupation.

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