An Intro to the World of QSG Brand Printer Ribbons and Labels

An Intro to the World of QSG Brand Printer Ribbons and Labels

It all starts with a label–an important foundation for compliance, identification and visibility. In fact, we’re so adamant about this perfect beginning, we dedicated 20+ years manufacturing a large variety of printer labels and ribbons. So in this blog, we invite new and current customers to get (re)acquainted with the QSG brand labels and ribbons.

Expertise – With a wide network of customers in various industries and fields, we understand the requirements and demands of over 4000 companies in Canada. We have manufactured numerous types of labels and ribbons in different shapes, materials, sizes and permanence. As well, we stay current with compliance requirements and the latest trends in printer media in order to deliver the perfect tailored solution.

One Stop Shop – There are many elements to consider that go beyond mere printer supplies and we have built a business that encompasses all of them. From technical consultation, onsite repairs, customization fulfillment to managing a network of esteemed partners, we want to do it all so our customers don’t have to. QSG is proudly one of the few companies that can provide a complete range of services, as well as manufacture our own range of labels AND ribbons.

Customized Solutions – We ensure that the printing process works, no matter what. Compatibility of the ribbons/labels with your equipment is paramount, which is why we will work with our clients to develop solutions for their existing hardware and software. If a new install is necessary for one or both, we will provide training for the staff so productivity will not be hindered.

We are passionate about this side of our business and we want everyone to know. QSG has invested a great deal of time fine-tuning our portfolio of offerings at a fantastic cost to our clients. So reach out with your questions and together we will build a better business–one label at a time.