Zebra MC3300

The MC3300 from Zebra Technologies will give you everything you need to update your business needs. It has more models, more scanning options, more time-saving features, a more rugged design, plus instant support for your TE apps. The plug and play model makes integration hassle-free and there is no backend modification or user training on new or updated applications required.

Perfect for every Job

Retail • Backroom/warehouse mgmt. • Price verification/updates • Store receiving • Picking and putaway • Inventory management Warehousing/Distribution • Warehouse management • Picking and putaway • Returns processing • Voice-directed applications • EDI transactions • Yard management Manufacturing • Inventory management • Supply-line replenishment • Safety testing • Parts tracking

ROI: Improved productivity • Improved throughput • Faster customer service • No costly software-related OS migration costs

Customization that fits your needs.

With the ability to mix-and-match four form factors and three keypads, you get more possible model choices than any competitive device in this class. Form factors include gun-style for the most scan intensive jobs, turret for adjustable scanning angles, and a straight shooter that scans at either 0° or 45°. Keypads include numeric, function numeric and alpha numeric. The result? You can give different types of workers the easiest and most comfortable data capture possible.

> Keyboard and touch screen support for your TE apps, right out of the box

The MC3300 supports your TE apps right out of the box. The built-in keyboard delivers the same experience your workers have today — no change in workflow, no training required. And when you’re ready to migrate to touch-based input, the MC3300’s touchscreen combines with Zebra’s AllTouch TE to easily turn your ‘green screens’ into the elegant touch-centric easy-to-use apps your workforce expects, boosting worker productivity to a whole new level.

> Visibility and simplicity

You can choose a short, mid or extraordinarily long scanning range that enables the capture of barcodes on your uppermost racks as easily as barcodes in hand. The highest resolution camera in this class captures detailed photos to document condition and more.

> Lower Upgrade Costs by keeping your old accessories.

You get the best of both worlds with the MC3300. You can use most of the MC3200 accessories you already own.

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