Product Highlight: Zebra MC3300 MOBILE COMPUTER

Product Highlight: Zebra MC3300 MOBILE COMPUTER

We’re starting 2018 off right with a quick and dirty highlight of the Zebra MC3300, which we’re confident is a right fit for a lot of businesses and organizations out there.

Did you strive to save money on upgrade costs, improve productivity and provide faster customer service for the new year? We did too and the MC3300 from Zebra Technologies can help to achieve it all.

Versatility – With the ability to mix-and-match four form factors and three keypads, you get more possible model choices than any competitive device in this class. Form factors include gun-style for the most scan intensive jobs, turret for adjustable scanning angles, and a straight shooter that scans at either 0° or 45°. Keypads include numeric, function numeric and alpha numeric. The result? You can give different types of workers the easiest and most comfortable data capture possible.

Go Fast – You can choose a short, mid or extraordinarily long scanning range that enables the capture of barcodes on your uppermost racks as easily as barcodes in hand. The highest resolution camera in this class captures detailed photos to document condition and more.

Keeping Costs Low – You can use most of the MC3200 accessories you already own, so your budget can be stretched just a bit more

A Great Fit – The MC3300 can be used in a variety of situations and places. From retailers (backroom, store front, picking, putaway, inventory management) to warehouse/distribution and manufacturing (voice apps, returns, yard management, parts tracking, EDI transactions), you can certainly take it anywhere.

And of course, it’s rugged for all the right jobs and has a wide range of scanning options. And as always, we’re here for you from consultation to install. Get in touch for a quote or just to get some questions answered. 

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